Announcing: SatScanner

Announcing: SatScanner

We are proud to announce the alpha version of "SatScanner" (available to badge holders right now). SatScanner takes a wallet address and searches through the bitcoin you own (UTXO set) to find any unique satoshis that you may own. Certain satoshis have sold in excess of $1,000 – maybe you have some in your wallet right now and don't know it!

Right now, we're launching just with "Uncommon", "Rare", and "Epic" sats, but we will very soon roll out search for many other types of satoshis.

What can you expect from SatScanner in the near future?

We will be adding every sat under the sun to our search (pay attention to our socials & discord for announcements). Soon we'll automate the extraction of these sats so that you can put them in a safe wallet that you won't accidentally spend from.

How does it work?

First, head over to

Enter your public Bitcoin address (does not have to be taproot, can be any address)

Sat Scanner will search your UTXOs.

You'll either have no sats (currently most likely)

Or you'll have Uncommon sats!

What are Unique Satoshis?


Additional Questions

Why are unique satoshis worth more? Isn't bitcoin fungible?

Bitcoin is fungible, but certain collectors have attributed historical or collector value to satoshis associated with specific events. This is similar to collecting old coins minted in specific years, or a business owner framing their first dollar bill. Also, because these sats can be inscribed with data or art, this may increase the rarity and perceived value.

What if you have an Uncommon Sat? What should you do?

While we can manually separate the special sats into their own UTXOs, we do not have this process automated at scale. We'll continue to develop this implementation, but if you if you enter your email address after your scan we may contact you to help separate your special sats. In the meantime, be cautious spending from this address (specifically, the UTXO that the sat resides on) to avoid the risk of losing your 'unique' sat.

Is an email address required?

No. You can scan your wallet 1 time without adding an email. Your privacy is important. We ask to collect email after that as we are exploring providing a wallet monitoring service for when bitcoin is added through regular 'stacking'.

What are Ordinals?


We are aggressively developing this product, so pay close attention to our channels!