Aiko Desho - So much more than just the PFP

Aiko Desho - So much more than just the PFP

Zero has been crafting the Aiko Desho story for over a year, well before discovering Ordinals & Inscriptions. "Aiko Desho" is a Japanese term for when 2 players tie in a game of "Rock, Paper, Scissors", hinting at the relational nature of the project between Zero, her cofounder(s), and the Aiko community.

The rollout of the Aiko project has been careful & thoughtful, there are currently only 100 unique custom pieces.

One of my favorite parts of playing video games has been character creation, and I want the Aiko community to [experience] that with me.

Each Aiko is unique & custom crafted by Zero & her team, often created with participation of the Aiko owner!

Zero loves "artistic collaboration", evidenced by the Aiko <> Fomoji partnership, "Fomaikos". Zero is focused more by creativity & community than utility & monetization – "I want to bring attention to beautiful projects... smaller creators".

Aiko Desho launches to a whitelist of 20 on June 5 and a second open mint of 20 on June 12, with the whole collection released by the end of the month.

The story of Aikos is the story they create --

"Aikos is just a stepping stone for what comes next"